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Ordering a steroid with us is very simple:
1. select a drug;
2. put it in the basket;
3. in a new window, you must specify the home address or mail address where the package should come;
4. Be sure to include your name and surname, as according to your passport you will pick up the parcel. Immediately make a reservation that it is precisely in the package – no one knows;
5. choose the type of delivery;
6. Indicate your email address – it will receive your order number and detailed payment instructions. The letter arrives within 1-5 minutes. If you donТt find our message in the main inbox, look at the spam folder, it may be there.
7. make payment:
the site provides 100% prepayment;
cash on delivery is not accepted;
we accept: Payment cards (only direct transfer from wallet to wallet), Bitcoin, direct transfer to the card.
8. After making the payment, you must specify the order number in the comments so that you can immediately identify the customer. If you pay through an ATM or terminal, you need to send us a scan of the receipt with the order number by mail.
All electronic money can be transferred online or you can use an ATM, terminal, and you should take into account that there is a commission for the transfer.
After sending the parcel to the e-mail to which you placed the order, a message with the track number will come, you can track its movement.

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